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Vision / Mission Statement

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The current and future states of the global ocean determine the quality of our existence, yet the ocean is still largely unexplored and incompletely understood. Working on and under the water to discover new features, understand and monitor ocean processes, develop resources responsibly, manage marine operations efficiently, and meet defence and maritime security needs, all provide unbounded opportunity for benefiting mankind and growing a healthy business. SOSI is passionate about contributing to these endeavours by developing innovative products that solve problems and help customers explore, understand, work in, and protect the ocean.

Our mission is to produce products that make our customers’ work easier, safer and more productive, and deliver the best results and best value in our selected markets.

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Since 1978, SOSI’s goal has been to provide quality products and services through innovative engineering, design and manufacturing, and to compete internationally by delivering high quality at competitive prices. We strive to understand our customer’s work and the challenges they face, develop long-term relationships, and constantly innovate.

SOSI has been recognized internationally for innovation and quality and was awarded the 1999 Marine Technology Society Compass Industrial Business Award. We serve customers in academic institutions, government agencies and private industries working in many fields including oceanographic, meteorological and geophysical research, environmental monitoring, seafloor mapping, resource exploration, cable trenching and burial, ocean mining, and military research and operations.

Products and Services

Big Winch

SOSI’s standard products include a growing line of small electric instrumentation winches, and small but sophisticated real-time buoy systems for water quality monitoring and oceanographic research in shallow waters. Semi-custom products are based on existing designs with custom modifications made to suit the unique application needs of individual customers. When the best solutions call for innovative new designs, SOSI is especially well qualified and experienced. For more than 30 years, our design and manufacturing expertise has focused primarily on deck equipment (winches, launch and recovery systems, linear cable traction machines), in-water systems (towed bodies, variable ballast systems, ocean mining & cable embedment equipment) and moored ocean observation systems (buoys and moorings).

SOSI employs an experienced team of engineers, designers, applications specialists and support technicians, as well as skilled production personnel. We draw collectively on these resources to develop products, and also to provide a range of services including: design feasibility studies, conceptual and detail design, engineering, project management, and manufacturing. Our professional staff have in-depth design, engineering, and system integration expertise, and decades of cumulative practical experience working in and on the ocean. We welcome the opportunity to put our team to work for you.


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Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition Marine Technology Society American Society of Mechanical Engineers Northwest Marine Trade Association


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