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R/V Professor Logachev

R/V Professor Logachev

CGGE International provides vessels for charter and quality operations for projects ranging from transoceanic surveys to site survey and deep sea research. Ships are available for standard time-charter with crew, or complete with technical equipment and operations team. CGGE typically operates as vessel manager and assumes the fiscal responsibility to assure that all charter party funds are managed properly to protect the interests of the customer and to assure timely performance. We also manage all proposal support, contract negotiations, and communications between the charter party, shipowner and technical teams to assure that customer needs are fully met.

R/V Professor Logachev

The R/V Professor Logachev is the ice class and certified for operations in up to 30% floating ice and enables clients to conduct science in the polar regions. The RV Professor Logachev has the same or similar facilities as the RV Yuzhmorgeologiya. In some cases, these are greater such as thrusters and dynamic positioning capability. This vessel is extremely stable and can weather the harshest environmental conditions and provides a stable platform for scientific work. It has been used successfully for many ocean research projects by governmental science organizations including UNESCO’s “Floating University” program.

The R/V Professor Logachev has completed five year shipyard maintenance work in October 2009; therefore, all vessel certificates (including certificates for all international regulations) have been renewed.


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R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev R/V Professor Logachev

Ship Specifications.

Ship Specifications
Year of construction 1991 Cranes 2 - 3ton and 5 ton
Length, width, draft 104.5 m x 16 m x 5.8 m Radar FURUNO FR-2115
Deadweight 1720 tons Additional Radar FR-2835
Displacement: empty / loaded 3900 tons / 5620 tons GPS receiver Ashtech GG-24
Main engines 2 x 6CHN40/46-OM4 Auto. control system ASUD-5
Power 2 x 3500 hp Gyrocompass Vega-M
Crusing range 2100 nautical miles Echosounder NEL-1M
Endurance:   Inductions log IEL-2M
  Fuel 90 days GMDSS FELCOM-12 FURUNO
  Water Not limited Communication Inmarsat Mini-M
  Food 70 days Accomodations 46 cabins
Fresh water capacity 64.8 tons   Client rep. 10 persons
Fuel capacity: heavy / light / oil 1117 T / 102.8 T / 48.1 T   Crew 42 persons
Fuel consumption max. (per day) 20 tons - cruise   Scientists / surveyors 38 persons
    10 ton - survey Air conditioning Yes
    3 tons in port Flag Russian Federation

Research Equipment

Research Equipment
System of deepwater geological survey (TV and Geoacoustics) MAK-1M
Long-range sonar (12x2 km) OCEAN
Hydrophysical sonde SeaBird Electronics SBE 911 plus / SBE 32
Deepwater echosounder Single beam GEL-4
Seismic station w/pneumatic gun sources (6 channels) Puls-6, seismic cable GEKA-PRAKLA
Electro-hydraulic grab w/ TV control DG-1 (sampling up to .5 cub. m)
Box-corer (50 x 50 x 50 cm) KP-1.5
Vibroimpact sampler (6-18 m) OCEAN
Hydrostatic percussion tubes (3-18 m)  
Gravity sampling tubes (3-18 m)  
System of underwater navigation (long-base and ultra short) SIGMA-1001

Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment
Electric compressor 2 x EK-7.5
Heavy cargo boom for ROV  
  Lift capacity 16 tons
  Speed of the lifting 12 m/min
Automatic hoist for towed devices 2 ton lift capacity
Crane for bottom sampling 5 ton lift capacity
Winch for towing of deep-water systems 160 kN line pull
Winch for seismic cable - Rauma Repola 112kN line pull
Electric winch for magnitometer 2.5 kN line pull
Geophysical winch - Rauma Repola 25 kN line pull
Geophysical winch 5 kN line pull


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