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Shop and Office Capabilities

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. Facilities

The Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. facility is in the center of a large office and warehouse building and is split into two areas for office use and warehouse-manufacturing use. The offices, approximately 4000 square feet, are located on two floors along one side and include a reception area, conference room, large dedicated engineering CAD area, and a number of private and shared offices with adequate space for expansion. The offices are serviced by a state-of-the-art computer server with tape drive back up. Phone, fax and internet access is provided through a high capacity T-1 line that provides six dedicated phone lines, two dedicated fax lines, and a dedicated buoy data line as well as the main data line.

The warehouse/manufacturing area, approximately 6,000 square feet, has two loading docks and contains an electronics shop, metal fabrication area with a variety of shop tools such as band saws, drill presses, and welding machines, an assembly area with a number of assembly tables, a secure caged area for storage of accepted goods, adequate steel warehouse storage and project shelves all around the perimeter, a dedicated shipping and receiving area with storage shelves, and three separate mezzanine storage areas. A floor plan of the existing facilities is attached.

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. Facilities

In addition to the saws and other tools, the warehouse area contains a 3,000-gallon water filled test tank serviced by an overhead bridge crane. A propane-powered forklift is also available in the warehouse.

The office facility is designed to accommodate in-house classroom training and provides both engineering and administrative support necessary to maintain and control the production of SOSI products.  SOSI's offices are equipped with reproduction equipment, computers, related peripheral hardware, and state-of-the-art software for engineering, accounting, material management, and administrative support of the company.  Computer modems and facsimile equipment are located on the premises to assist in providing a fully integrated communication network. The facility provides a conference room for meetings and classroom instruction as well providing maintenance and operating instruction capabilities in the production plant.

Note that SOSI subcontracts all of the machining and the majority of the fabrication work required to manufacture its products including large ROV umbilical winches. The list of "in-house" fabrication and machine equipment is therefore lighter than expected for a company that manufactures large winches.

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