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SOSI has nearly 3 decades experience designing and building Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) for deployment and retrieval of towed bodies (Towfish), rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs), torpedoes, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), oceanographic instrumentation and specialty systems that require custom builds. These systems are used worldwide by academic institutions, commercial survey companies and Navies for equipment launch and recovery and towed seafloor mapping operations. SOSI's launch and recovery systems are noted for their exemplary safety record and the reliable handling of subsea systems in high sea states. LARS are generally custom built and engineered to the specific requirements of our clients AUV, Towfish, ROV, boat, Core Drill, or other equipment. Individual specification sheets provided for download are specific examples that represent a range of designs within our systems experience.

With the trend toward smaller AUVs, and the increasing need to conduct sophisticated operations and research from small vessels, SOSI has developed a Small Boat Instrument Handling System intended for deploying and recovering small CTD and Water Sampler packages, plankton trawls, and bottom grabs from boats as small as 24 ft. (8 m). This basic design may also adaptable to launching and recovering autonomous gliders.

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1 Launch and Recovery, LARS, for ROV
2 Launch and Recovery, LARS, for Torpedo / RHIB Boat
3 Launch and Recovery, LARS, for Towfish / Towed Bodies
4 Small Boat Instrument Handling System (IHS)

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