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Small Boat Instrument Handling System (IHS)


Instrument Handling System (IHS) makes deployment of CTDs, water samplers and other equipment aboard small boats EASIER, SAFER and more EFFICIENT

Small Boat Instrument Handling System

The ECO Winch serves as the core of this lightweight and versatile system, comprised of modular Derrick, ECO sheave, Turntable, and Pedestal. It enables one person to lift equipment above the gunwale and manually rotate it overboard for deployment and recovery. The working load limit is 350 lbs. (160 kg).

The derrick provides 49 in. (1.24 m) of horizontal reach and can be locked vertically for stowage. The turntable has an adjustable friction drag brake to increase rotation resistance against the load, and to “park” the turntable at a fixed position for deployment and recovery or stowage. The arc of rotation is limited by two mechanical travel stops which can be relocated by the user to change the location of the end points of the arc. Several pedestal heights are available to provide gunwale clearance.


Additional Product Images

Small Boat Instrument Handling System Small Boat Instrument Handling System

IHS Derrick Dimensions – with ECO Sheave and cable installed


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