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Launch and Recovery, LARS, for Torpedo / RHIB Boat

Launch and Recovery Systems

RHIB / Torpedo Launch and Recovery System, LARS

SOSI has designed and built Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) used for the deployment and retrieval of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), towed bodies, oceanographic instrumentation, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and other payloads since 1984. These systems are used around the globe for launch and recovery missions by academic institutions, commercial survey companies and the US Navy for high-resolution seafloor mapping operations and other functions.

Our proven LARS systems, for example the one operated by the NUWC, Keyport — used for Zodiac style RHIB Boat are used by the US Navy for torpedo and RHIB boat recovery.

Our unique, proven launch and recovery systems can increase your operational efficiency and decrease your costs by minimizing the weather's effect on your schedule and reducing crew sizes. We design all of our deck equipment for ease-of-use and safe handling of subsea equipment in the harshest environmental conditions. Our systems have an exemplary track record for safe and efficient operation in high sea states and most were designed for safe operation by one crew member using a portable "belly pack.

SOSI systems are generally custom built and engineered to the specific requirements of our clients AUV or towed system. Our LARS systems are engineered for ships of opportunity with an emphasis on ease of transportation and installation. Many of our existing systems were built with ISO corner castings for easy installation and transportation using standard ISO equipment. Combined with our quality steel construction and epoxy finishes—SOSI LARS are guaranteed to ensure reliable operation that you can depend on.

Features & Options

Standard Features
Hydraulic Drives
Integral Hydraulic Brakes
Proportional Remote Control Valves
Remote Hydraulic Power Pack
Load Sensing Hydraulic System
ISO Footprint with Casting
Remote Belly Pack
Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects
Stainless Steel Hose End Fittings
Narrow Footprint (Optional)


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Be it an existing product or a customized package—our mission is to offer innovative engineering, design and quality manufacturing for our diverse and growing global customer base.

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