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Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. manufactures standard and custom designed winches for a variety of marine applications. Winches range from simple storage winches, for electromechanical cabling, to more complex umbilical winches and integrated winching systems. Sizes range from relatively lightweight, low line pull winches, typically used on small oceanographic institution or commercial survey company research vessels—to large umbilical, oceanographic winches typically used by commercial service companies in the support of offshore oil and telecommunications industries.

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Our family of winches (from largest, to smallest) include the: Umbilical Cable Winches (UCW), Oceanographic Winches (OTW, MTW, STW), Small CTD & Instrument Winches (ECO, BSP), as well as specialty winches custom built to our client’s specifications (DSW, MPW). Winches are available in a variety of drum widths, line pulls, line speeds and horsepower as well as custom configurations based on specific customer requirements. Specification sheets contained here are representative of generic winches in each category.

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1 ECO Winch Product Line
2 Battle Space Profiler CTD Winch
3 Diesel Storage Winch (DSW)
4 Umbilical Cable Winch (GPL)
5 Umbilical Cable Winch (RAL-OH)
6 Multi-Purpose Winch (MPW)
7 Umbilical Cable Winch (RAL-DM)
8 Standard Tow Winch (STW)
9 Medium Tow Winch (MTW)
10 Oceanographic Tow Winch (OTW)

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