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SOSI's portfolio of highly efficient fiberglass and open-frame tow body vehicles span 30 years of innovation and variety.

Many of SOSI's underwater vehicles are neutrally buoyant towed bodies with fiberglass monocoque frames—typically used for sonar applications. Our tow bodies range from small magnetometer "tow fish" to large stable platforms for sensitive swath bathymetry sonar, video and photographic applications. These systems are stable when towed through the water column and maintain their orientation for seafloor landing. Sled designs are often employed for cable burial, ocean mining, environmental impact assessment and video / photographic survey.

Optional equipment that may be installed are: altitude sensors, environmental sensors, camera / video systems, lighting equipment, telemetry systems, pumps, motor starters and control systems—towfish may be self propelled as well. Other products in this line include "heavy" non-buoyant vehicles used for video / photographic surveys of the seafloor and shipwrecks.

SOSI produces both towed and open-frame towfish. Systems are available in a variety of configurations and are typically custom build and engineered to the requirements of our clients. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic systems.


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