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12kHz Towfish

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SOSI's knowledge of underwater technology has enabled our staff to produce a portfolio of highly efficient fiberglass tow body vehicles. The majority of these underwater vehicles are neutrally buoyant towed bodies with fiberglass monocoque frames—typically used for sonar applications. Systems may be constructed with hybrid aluminum framing, covered with polyethylene, ABS or fiberglass fairings for the body. Our experienced engineers often integrate instrumentation such as, altitude sensors, environmental sensors, camera / video systems, lighting equipment, telemetry systems, pumps, motor starters and control systems into our tow bodies. Additionally, SOSI manufactures "heavy" non-buoyant vehicles used for video / photographic surveys of the seafloor and shipwrecks.

The SOSI 12kHz Towfish (pictured) is an example of our fiberglass, neutrally buoyant towed bodies, which was specifically designed for low frequency swath bathymetric seafloor mapping systems. This tow body is rated for depths down to 6,000 meters. Located on either side, in the top half of the towfish, are two one-atmosphere pressure housings designed to carry side-scan sonar electronics. This towfish comes with removable panels for easy access to the housings. Similarly, the towfish has provisions on each side and in the bottom to carry side looking and sub-bottom array payloads. This towfish is easy to deploy when used in conjunction with the SOSI Model LRS 162 Launch and Recovery System. Like all of SOSI's tested and proven legacy designs, our systems can be modified to address our customer's cost, schedule and technical requirements as well as deliver vessels from concept.


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Features & Options

Standard Features
Fiberglass Monocoque Design
Removable Flotation Modules
Hydrodynamically Stable Design
Easily Accessible Arrays & Housing
Acoustically Transparent Array Covers
Integral Lift Beam
Slight Positive Buoyancy
Stainless Fasteners
Trim & Ballast Adjustment
Single Point Tow Attachment


Technical Specification
Length 211.5 in. Operational depth 500 m
Width 48 in. Design depth 6,000 m
Height 34 in. Stability ±1 deg
Weight (in air) 3,500 lb. Net buoyancy 250 lb.


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