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Open Frame Tow Bodies


ARGO Towfish

SOSI has engineered and built many different Open-framed Towed Body (Towfish) systems. While the majority of SOSI tow bodies are towed through the water column, many of our systems are designed for landing on and towing across the seafloor. These sled designs, typically used for cable burial, ocean mining, environmental impact assessment and video / photographic survey, are not only stable when towed through the water column, but maintain their orientation when landed on the seafloor. Additionally, SOSI has designed self-propelled towfish for deep-water operation such as the ARGO which was used to discover the resting place of the Titanic.

Our open-framed tow bodies are highly stable, hydrodynamically clean, high-speed systems based on extensive numerical analysis and full scale model testing. They are typically “heavy” constructed of aluminum or steel, but can also be provided with syntactic foam flotation for neutral or slightly positive buoyancy. Often they are designed to carry video, photographic cameras and their associated flood and strobe lights. Other options include the incorporation of scanning sonar, side-scan sonar and sub-bottom sonar equipment. The simple open frame design allows flexible placement of these options and easy access to electronics housings, cameras, cable terminations, and other critical items protected by the tested design and structural integrity of our open-framed towfish.


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ARGO Open Frame Towfish NORAL Open Frame Towfish Sea MARC Open Frame Towfish SeaProbe 6000 Open Frame Towfish

Features and Options

Standard Features
Aluminum Construction
Hydrodynamically Stable
Easily Accessible Internal Components
Integral Lift Points
Stainless Fasteners
Tow Bridle Attachment
Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
Removable Flotation Modules
Seafloor Landing Skids / Runners
Three Coat Epoxy Paint
Trim & Ballast Adjustment
Single Point Attachment


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