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SOSI Delivers Its Largest Winch Ever Produced

(Dec. 2011) Manson Construction Co. (Headquartered in Seattle, WA), a heavy marine construction and dredging contractor, uses their new SOSI cable spooler from a barge to deploy and recover a giant AC “extension cord” 18,000 feet long, 3.85 inches in diameter and weighing nearly 100 tons, allowing them to operate their large electric dredge farther away from shore.

The 12-foot diameter spool flanges can be folded so that the spooler can be transported on a standard-width flatbed tractor trailer. Surprisingly, such a huge winch only produces about 900 pounds of line pull; just enough to pick the cable up off the sea floor.

The SOSI team and their fabrication contractors, Industrial Fabrication (Sultan, WA) and Alltech Hydraulic Services (Lynden, WA) are pictured in front of the cable spooler built for Manson Construction Co. In contrast, SOSI’s 2 HP electric ECO Winch sits in the foreground. (Big or small, we do it all!)

A custom-designed Hydraulic Power Unit (cleverly displaying the Manson “M” logotype in the safety screen) is driven by a 48 H.P. Diesel engine to power the spooler.

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