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Coastal Water Data Buoy

Model CWDB-2M-5000

SOSI, Coastal Waters Data Buoy

SOSI's coastal Water Data Buoys are anchored systems designed for open water and coastal installation. CWDBs are usually deployed to serve national forecasting needs, maritime safety needs or to observe regional climate patterns. These buoys are configurable with a variety of meteorological and oceanographic sensors. Measurements from an open water buoy might include: wind and air surface variables, wave height and direction variables, sea surface temperature, water conductivity, salinity and density, trace metals and water quality, oil spill fluorescence, PAR, UV-B, underwater video, barometric pressure, GPS and other data which is transmitted in real-time and relayed to its deplorer by Iridium or ARGO telemetry.

Designed for rough sea conditions, the bodies of our CWDBs are fabricated of lightweight multi-density foam with a thick polyurethane skin. This coating can withstand sharp and repeated impacts without damage. An integral steel-frame construction adds strength to the hull and provides secure mounting points for the tower, bridle and subsurface instrument masts. The octagonal shape can include built-in recessions for subsurface instrument masts. The octagonal shapes of SOSI’s buoys make them stable on their side (while on the deck of a ship or in transport), and possess sharp chines for good motion damping. The aluminum upper tower, lower bridle and optional sub-surface sensor masts allow for strength and a variety of sensor suites specific to your needs.

The CWDBs are constructed with an internal watertight well, designed to house a battery pack and optional charging system. It also serves as the base for a separate watertight electronics housing. The housing contains our SOSI data logger, the brain of our buoy family. It is a flexible and tested piece of equipment, which controls the sensor and transmitter duty cycles, cycles the power, records the data and controls the telemetry transmissions from the buoy. The watertight housing also provides space for a variety of optional sensors and equipment. The housing is built with bulkhead connectors and a data port for easy removal, computer access and maintenance.


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SOSI, Ocean Observation Buoy Family SOSI, coastal Water Data Buoy SOSI, coastal Water Data Buoy SOSI, coastal Water Data Buoy SOSI, coastal Water Data Buoy SOSI, coastal Water Data Buoy


General Specifications
Gross displacement 2300 kg (5,060 lb.)
Hull diam. 2.3 m (91”)

Features & Options

Power Options
Alkaline Battery Pack
Lithium Battery Pack
Data Telemetry Options
Iridium Satellite
Argos Satellite
Sensor & Feature Options:
SOSI Controller / Data Logger
Sea Surface Temperature sensor(s)
Sea Surface Conductivity sensor(s)
Sea Surface UV-B & PAR sensor(s)
In air UV-B & PAR sensor(s)
Current profiling sensor(s)
Wind Speed & Direction sensor(s)
Air Temperature & Pressure sensors(s)
GPS system
Shallow & Deep water mooring systems
Inductively coupled sensor systems
Installation & maintenance support
Data management services


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