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Deep Water Data Buoy

Model ATLAS-90-8000

SOSI, Ocean Observation Buoy Family

The SOSI ATLAS-90-8000 Oceanographic Data Buoys (ODBs) are designed for deep water installation. CWDBs are usually deployed to serve national forecasting needs, maritime safety needs or to observe regional climate patterns. These buoys are configurable with a variety of meteorological and oceanographic sensors. Measurements from an open water buoy might include: wind and air surface variables, wave height and direction variables, sea surface temperature, water conductivity, salinity and density, trace metals and water quality, oil spill fluorescence, PAR, UV-B, underwater video, barometric pressure, GPS and other data which is transmitted in real-time and relayed to its deplorer by Iridium or ARGO telemetry.

The Model ATLAS-90-8000 Oceanographic Data Buoy, (ODBs) were originally designed by NOAA for harsh deployments in deep water, open ocean environments. They are ideally suited for programs where long-term atmospheric, sea surface and subsurface observation is required. Used extensively on NOAA's TAO project, they have a proven track record with hundreds of deployments in the equatorial Pacific. The rugged toroidal hulls are constructed of fiberglass and polyurethane foam with an internal stainless steel frame.

The standard buoy design includes an aluminum tower to support the atmospheric sensors and a stainless steel subsurface bridal assembly used to support the sea surface sensors and interface with the mooring assembly. A watertight NEMA-4X enclosure can be located in the tower used to hold a SOSI data logger, transmitter/modem and other components.


Technical Specifications
Gross displacement 3,636 kg (8,000 lb.) Overall height 4,495 mm (177 in.)
Hull diam. 2,280 mm (90 in.) Weight 545 kg (1,200 lb.)


Surface Telemetry
Subsea Telemetry
Acoustic or Inductive Modems for Bottom Platform or Mooring Line to Buoy
Cable Connection (Fiber/CoAX)


Meterological Sensors
Wind Speed and Direction
Air Temperature
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Solar Incidence
Oceanographic Sensors
Water Temperature
Current Profiles
Wave Amplitude and Direction
Dissolved Oxygen / CO2
Solar Radiation Sensors


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