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SOSI Deck Equipment

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc., is an established engineering and production company for shipboard handling and deck equipment. Systems designed and built include: winches, linear cable engines, launch and recovery systems (LARS), vans, enclosures, davits, cranes, sheaves, cable management systems and other custom equipment. These unique, proven systems, can improve safety and liability concerns, decrease cost by reducing required crew sizes and limit the weather's effect on your schedule.

SOSI systems are designed for ships of opportunity with an emphasis on ease of transportation and installation. When applicable, systems are built with ISO corner castings for use with standard ISO equipment. Steel construction (aluminum on smaller winches) and epoxy finishes guarantee reliable operation and durability in the harshest marine conditions.

Systems and components are designed and manufactured to meet the unique technical, cost and delivery requirements of our clients. In addition to custom systems, SOSI can provide any of the components we produce for our systems, or design and manufacture special parts for your own proprietary projects.



Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. manufactures standard and custom designed winches for a variety of marine applications. Our ECO winch family of standard production electric instrumentation winches is designed to meet the instrumentation deployment needs for researchers and contractors mobilizing on various vessels of opportunity or conducting sophisticated sampling from small research vessels. Custom or semi-custom winches include medium and large hydrographic and oceanographic winches, cable storage winches, large ROV and aerostat umbilical winches, specialized instrument towing winches, underwater winches, and specialty winches custom built to our client’s specifications. Our customer base includes academic and oceanographic research institutions, Government agencies, navies, commercial survey, construction, mining and dredging companies and offshore oil, defence contracting and marine telecommunications industries.

Winch Graph

Specification sheets for custom products (provided for download) describe a specific configuration. Numerous configuration options within winches in each category or power range are possible. In addition to the required power source (electric, hydraulic, diesel, etc.) and line pull and speed for a particular application, the major influences on the final winch design are the cable type and diameter to be used, desired cable length, and operating control requirements. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in developing the ideal specification for your application.

Winching Systems

Launch and Recovery

Launch and Recovery

SOSI has nearly 3 decades experience designing and building Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) for deployment and retrieval of towed bodies (Towfish), rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs), torpedoes, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), oceanographic instrumentation and specialty systems that require custom builds. These systems are used worldwide by academic institutions, commercial survey companies and Navies for equipment launch and recovery and towed seafloor mapping operations. SOSI's launch and recovery systems are noted for their exemplary safety record and the reliable handling of subsea systems in high sea states. LARS are generally custom built and engineered to the specific requirements of our clients AUV, Towfish, ROV, boat, Core Drill, or other equipment. Individual specification sheets provided for download are specific examples that represent a range of designs within our systems experience.

With the trend toward smaller AUVs, and the increasing need to conduct sophisticated operations and research from small vessels, SOSI has developed a Small Boat Instrument Handling System intended for deploying and recovering small CTD and Water Sampler packages, plankton trawls, and bottom grabs from boats as small as 24 ft. (8 m). This basic design may also adaptable to launching and recovering autonomous gliders.

Launch and Recovery Systems

Cable Traction Machines

Linear Cable Traction Machines

SOSI's Linear Cable Engines (traction machines) are widely used by commercial companies for submarine cable laying and embedment operations. LCEs are additionally used for towed array deployment and recovery and in custom, containerized LCTM 5000's built for the Naval Underwater Warfare Center.

LCEs are available in a variety of configurations, line pulls, line speeds and horsepower and are customizable to specific client requirements. Specification sheets contained here are representative of generic LCEs in each category.

Linear Cable Traction Machines

Vans and Enclosures

Vans and Mobile Enclosures

SOSI mobile enclosures provide self-contained facilities for use as shops, climate controlled field operations centers, portable power generations vans and storage shelters. Enclosures are configurable with a variety of power distribution and electrical systems for marine and land applications. Integration with SOSI LARS and Winches, forming containerized ISO compatible operation systems is also available. Vans and enclosures are customizable to meet specific customers requirements.

Vans and Mobile Enclosures

SOSI Deck products are designed and manufactured to meet the unique technical, cost and delivery requirements of our clients. In additional to new builds and engineering, SOSI specializes in system integration and project management.

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