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SOSI GPS SOSI has been offering specialized GPS devices for many years, including our Model GPSR-X015G Submersible GPS receiver, and the Submersible GPS-Iridium Antenna. Both systems are designed for use with deep diving AUVs, buoys or other autonomous systems that are required to operate at depth but periodically surface to determine position and reset their navigation system. The GPS receivers are designed to receive GPS satellite data only while on the surface, but can survive routine submergence to depths of 6000 meters. They offer enhanced navigation accuracy by utilizing satellite based corrections (WAAS/EGNOS). The submersible GPS/Iridium antenna we offer was originally developed for autonomous gliders that produce forward speed by alternating their displacement between positive surface buoyancy and neutral sub-surface buoyancy at about 1000 meters depth, and gliding up or down a glide slope. Data telemetry is possible only when the vehicle maneuvers to position the antenna above the surface.

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