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In Water Systems

SOSI, Variable Ballast System

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc., engineers and manufactures a variety of efficient, safe and tested underwater technology (In Water Systems). SOSI's portfolio of tow bodies (towfish) includes: fiberglass, open-frame, towed, self-propelled and range from small magnetometer to large stable platforms for sensitive swath bathymetry sonar, video and photographic applications. Towfish are used by a variety of our clients for ocean mining, survey, ocean floor mapping and environmental impact assessment.

Other SOSI In Water Systems include: large multi-mission ROVs inclusive of camera, sonar and tracking systems, cylindrical and spherical subsea instrument housings, leak (moisture) detectors, junction boxes, variable ballast systems, pressure compensators as well as custom built systems. Clients for our products range from commercial offshore power, communications, research, cable industry and navy.

Towed Bodies

Fiberglass Towfish

SOSI's portfolio of highly efficient fiberglass and open-frame tow body vehicles span 30 years of innovation and variety.

Many of SOSI's underwater vehicles are neutrally buoyant towed bodies with fiberglass monocoque frames—typically used for sonar applications. These systems are stable when towed through the water column and maintain their orientation for seafloor landing. Sled designs are often employed for cable burial, ocean mining, environmental impact assessment and video / photographic survey. Optional equipment that may be installed are: altitude sensors, environmental sensors, camera / video systems, lighting equipment, telemetry systems, pumps, motor starters and control systems—towfish may be self propelled as well. Other products in this line include "heavy" non-buoyant vehicles used for video / photographic surveys of the seafloor and shipwrecks.

SOSI produces both towed and open-frame towfish. Systems are available in a variety of configurations and are typically custom built and engineered to the requirements of our clients. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic systems.

Towed Bodies

Subsea Instrument Housings

SOSI Subsea Instrument Housings

SOSI is the North, South and Central American representative for Series 6000, Spherical Titanium Instrument Housings and also manufactures and designs cylindrical titanium instrument housings.

These proven housings are designed and tested for operations to depths of 6,000 meters and are available in a variety of diameters, shapes and sizes. The housings come standard with blank connector ports and are provided with O-ring face seals and titanium fastening hardware. Custom porting and machining for electrical connectors and vents can be provided along with a choice of natural finish or a variety of internal and external surface finishes and colors. Spherical housings are also available with an optional cylindrical center section to extend the length. Custom configurations are available based on specific customer requirements.

SOSI instrument housings are available in a variety of configurations and are typically custom build to the requirements of our clients. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic housings.

Subsea Instrument Housings


Miscellaneous In Water Instruments

SOSI produces a wide variety of miscellaneous In Water Systems including variable ballast systems for ROVs, junction boxes for subsea mining equipment and leak detectors for submerged instrument housings. Additionally, SOSI produces custom equipment and parts for In Water Systems. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic instruments and equipment.


SOSI In Water Systems are designed and manufactured to meet the unique technical, cost and delivery requirements of our clients. In additional to new builds and custom engineering, SOSI specializes in system integration for underwater equipment, software and electronics.

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