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Ocean Observation Systems

Ocean Observation Systems

SOSI's Ocean Observation Systems make significant contributions to our ability to model, understand and describe global weather and climate. The data collected complements or validates data from other platforms such as weather satellites and observation. Drifting and moored data buoys are now generally accepted as a very cost-effective means for obtaining meteorological and oceanographic data from remote ocean areas.

For over thirty years, Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. has designed and manufactured a variety of "Ocean Observation" and environmental data logging systems. Configured to meet specific project requirements, SOSI products can be acquired for short or long term deployments and left to operate unattended for extended periods of time. Systems are designed to gather and store data, and when required, transmit data or statistic samples of the data via telemetry back to the customer. SOSI offers Iridium based data delivery service for our buoys where accumulated data is sent daily to SOSI and automatically forwarded by e-mail or web to the client.

SOSI manufactures standard and custom data buoys for coastal and open ocean environments. Buoys are integrated with single sensor or a variety of meteorological and oceanographic sensors to meet various scientific requirements. Measurements from an Ocean Observation system might include: wind and air surface variables, wave height and direction variables, sea surface temperature, water conductivity, salinity and density, trace metals and water quality, oil spill fluorescence, PAR, UV-B, underwater video, barometric pressure, GPS and other data which is transmitted in real-time and relayed to its deployer by Iridium or ARGO telemetry. Additionally SOSI supplies initial and replacement buoy towers, bridles, and other components for government and industry. Our buoy systems have a proven record for effectiveness and dependability in harsh marine environments.

Ocean Observation Systems

Other Ocean Observation products offered by SOSI are seafloor, seafloor data platforms, data loggers, moorings, sensors, battery/power systems, current meters, sediment traps, water column profilers, seafloor observation equipment and telemetry systems. Products can be configured for fixed and fresh water installations where remote sensing and data acquisition are required.

SOSI Ocean Observation Systems are designed and manufactured to meet the unique technical, cost and delivery requirements of our clients. In additional to new builds and custom engineering, SOSI specializes in system integration, data logging software/firmware programming as well as telemetry system installation and set-up.

Data Buoys

Data Buoys

SOSI's Observation Data Buoy line consists of integrated buoys and mooring assemblies for Deep Water, coastal Water, Protected Water environments as well as Sea Surface Temperature Buoys and GPS Buoys. The system components are ruggedly constructed to meet the demanding requirements of deployment, operation, and recovery in hostile ocean, seafloor and other marine environments. Only materials that have been proven to be compatible with these environments and meet SOSI’s rigorous standards are used. Buoys are fitted for short or long term deployments —being left to operated unattended for extended periods of time. They are designed to gather, store and transmit data, or statistic samples of the data, via satellite or other means back to the customer.

Environmental data logging buoys are additionally idea for fresh water applications such as streams, rivers, estuaries, ponds and lakes as well as salt water. Mooring assemblies can be configured for shallow or deep-water applications and are generally supplied complete with anchor, elastic mooring array and all other components required for deployment.

Buoy Graph

SOSI Oceanographic Data Buoys are available in a variety of configurations and are typically custom designed to meet specific application requirements such as water depth and anticipated Sea State conditions, etc. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic systems.

Data Buoys Systems

Seafloor Observation

Sea Floor Observation

SOSI Seafloor Observation systems are designed to operate autonomously, or be part of an integrated system. Oceanographic Data Platforms function autonomously or as part of an integrated buoy system allowing subsea sensors to collect data over long periods of time. They may be supplied with a variety of sensors and battery packs to meet mission requirements. Systems design allows for easy removal and replacement of the complete sensor assembly while leaving the anchor base on the seafloor. While the platform can also be recovered as a unit, this feature allows the investigator to obtain long-term data measurements in exactly the same location and orientation year after year. SOSI bottom platforms can be provided in “trawl resistant” configurations where required.

Other systems include our Sea Profiler for water column data collection, our mooring cages for subsea sensors placement, our current meter, sediment trap and the GeO-DROME geophysical ocean observation system for measuring bottom and near-bottom phenomena.

SOSI Seafloor Observation systems are available in a variety of configurations and can be custom built to the requirements of our clients. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic systems.

Seafloor Observation Systems

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