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Manufacturers Represented

Manufacturers Represented

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. is a manufacturers representative for SeaBotix in the Northwest, and for Resinex, EDBOE and Sevmorgeo in the Americas. SOSI represents a wide variety of products through these companies including ROVs, Crawlers, Core Drills, Cone Penetrometers, Grab Samplers, current meters, sediment traps, geophysical deepwater research observatories, autonomous hydroacoustic releases and hydroacoustic navigation systems.

Systems and components are designed and manufactured to meet the unique technical, cost and delivery requirements of our clients. In addition to custom systems, SOSI can provide any of the components in these systems, or design and manufacture special parts for your own proprietary projects. Individual specification sheets contained within are representative of generic systems.

SeaBotix ROVs and Crawlers

SOSI In Water Systems


SOSI is the exclusive representative for SeaBotix ROVs in the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon). These unique, capable and affordable small ROVs are the benchmark by which all small ROVs are compared.

SeaBotix vehicles are deployed worldwide in a variety of industries including military, oil & gas, research, hydro, search & rescue and port security. Scientists and students use basic ROV systems to extend their research capabilities, while Navies worldwide deploy the revolutionary systems in critical maritime security applications.

SeaBotix systems come in various configurations—each system being a completely flexible platform that requires only a power source to operate. Various optional packages and sensors are available to customize your ROV to your specific requirements.

SOSI sells and demos the full SeaBotix equipment line. Systems are available in a variety of configurations and are custom ordered to meet your mission requirements.

SeaBotix Systems


Sevmorgeo Grab Sampler


Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. is the exclusive reseller of Sevmorgeo products in North, South and Central Americas as well as Japan. Sevmorgeo (The Federal State Unitarian Research and Production Company for Geological Sea Survey) specializes in remote sensing services and equipment for geophysical exploration. It was founded by the USSR Ministry of Geology and is under the authority of the Federal Agency for Resources Management in Russia and is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Sevmorgeo product line includes seafloor Core Drills, Cone Penetrometers, and sediment Grab Samplers.


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