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The creation of a truly unique and capable small ROV is not an easy task. SeaBotix has a long history in the commercial offshore market as well as the ROV market. Few companies that produce small ROVs have the same industry understanding and that is why LBV stands above the rest.

With so many choices and applications it is important to properly identify the best possible solution. While a small ROV may be appealing in terms of portability and cost—be careful not to overlook the capability. One drawback to many small ROVs is the lack of power and the significant drag of the tether. There are many other key factors to consider above and beyond the power and tether.

When the task of creating the best small ROV was undertaken there were four (4) key goals:


The SeaBotix LBV family of MiniROVs are proven tools for underwater commercial applications. By implementing large ROV features into a small package, the LBV can perform difficult tasks not expected of smaller ROVs. Unique to the LBV line of ROVs is an industry-leading small diameter umbilical (<8mm). The smaller diameter means significantly less drag at each LBV’s full depth rating, and the ability to deploy standard umbilical lengths to 750m (2460ft) and beyond. In addition to the low drag umbilical, powerful Brushless Thrusters offer high bollard thrust in 4 axis; forward, up, down, and lateral. Each Thruster is oil-compensated for increased reliability and routine operations to 600m (2000ft). The ideal mass/weight ratio of the LBV provides exceptional stability allowing the vehicle to hold a stable position without excessive influence from the umbilical.


The many unique features and intuitive functions of the LBV enhance its capability beyond traditional small ROVs. The control system is an ergonomic console that enables both new and experienced ROV pilots to quickly and confidently pilot the LBV. All of the LBV controls are at their fingertips allowing the operator to focus on the task at hand. A precision joystick and embossed keypad help operators to quickly develop an intuitive sense of all controls so that the focus is more on the sensor outputs and less on piloting. Other features unique to the LBV include a 270o camera field of view, auto-heading, depth and trim, and informative video overlay information. All of these features combine to make the LBV the most intuitive ROV available. The LBV has earned the reputation as the simplest ROV to operate.


The LBV is designed to withstand the difficult and harsh environment typical in offshore conditions. The topside controls are designed for inclement weather, while the reel is industrial grade. The standard umbilical has a 318kg (700 lb.) breaking strength and is encased in a cut resistant jacket. The LBVs themselves are encased in protective shells and/or durable bumper frames. Each system is a complete, flexible platform that requires only a power source to operate, while every LBV can be mobilized by a one or two man crew. All components are packaged in rugged protective cases for transport and storage. The intelligent system design requires only basic maintenance ensuring a long service life. The design enables moderately trained personnel to field service the LBV.


Hundreds of LBVs are deployed worldwide in a variety of industries including military, oil & gas, research, hydro, search & rescue, and port security. The LBV is trusted everyday in ROV applications. Scientists and students use basic LBV systems to extend their research capabilities, while Navies worldwide deploy the revolutionary LBV Crawler in critical Maritime Security applications. SeaBotix is continuously developing and producing more capable systems and options while always providing an upgrade path for current LBV owners. The pursuit of new and unique systems and capabilities, such as the LBV Crawler and lightweight Launch and Recovery System, demonstrate the continuous pursuit of new technologies and engineering excellence.

SeaBotix vehicles are deployed worldwide in a variety of industries including military, oil & gas, research, hydro, search & rescue and port security. Scientists and students use basic ROV systems to extend their research capabilities, while Navies worldwide deploy the revolutionary systems in critical maritime security applications.

SOSI, SeaBotix

SOSI is the Pacific Northwest's (Washington and Oregon) exclusive reseller of SeaBotix ROVs and equipment. SOSI sells and demos the full SeaBotix equipment line in the Pacific Northwest. Please contact our helpful technical staff if you require assistance or information about this product. Our team of skilled SeaBotix representatives, engineers and trained technicians are ready to assist you with sales, product modifications, repairs and solutions. SeaBotix systems come in various configurations—each system being a completely flexible platform that requires only a power source to operate. Various optional packages and sensors are available to customize your ROV to your specific requirements.

Be it an existing product or a customized package—our mission is to offer innovative engineering, design and quality manufacturing for our diverse and growing global customer base.

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