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SeaBotix ROV Options

for the LBV series ROVs

SOSI, SeaBotix ROV LBV150-/LBV200

SOSI is the Pacific Northwest's (Washington and Oregon) exclusive reseller of SeaBotix ROVs and equipment. SeaBotix vehicles are deployed worldwide in a variety of industries including military, oil & gas, research, hydro, search and rescue and port security. Scientists and students use basic ROV systems to extend their research capabilities, while Navies worldwide deploy the revolutionary systems in critical maritime security applications.


The SeaBotix LBV offers a flexible platform in which each user can custom tailor the system to their exact requirements. From experience the list of standard options has grown to include those most often requested.

Unique to the LBV in the small ROV market is the integration of each option. Each option is carefully designed to seem-less integrate in terms of mechanical fit and electronic integration. This feature ensures the LBV maintains its high level of performance where other small ROVs simply strap the options on and require a larger diameter tether. Each option has been carefully selected or designed to be the best value. There are many options available that are not listed due to their unique nature. Contact SOSi to request help with a specific requirement.

SeaBotix ROV LBV150s
Thruster Systems

SeaBotix offers a variation to the standard LBV thrusters for use on alternate systems such as home built, project or production ROVs and AUVs. The high performance, simple to integrate and low cost thrusters have proved popular in many areas.

  • Powerful & Efficient
  • Simplistic Integration
  • Isolated Design
  • Durable Construction/li>

SeaBotix ROV LBV Three Jaw Grabber
Three Jaw Grabber

The Three Jaw Grabber provides the ability to lift up to 45 kg (100 lb.) in water. Beside incredible gripping force for object retrieval, the Grabber is useful for line deployment and location stabilization.

SeaBotix ROV LBV Grabber Attachments
Grabber Attachments

The Grabber can be fitted with a variety of attachments including a parallel two jaw, interlocking jaws, and a powerful cutting tool capable of cutting non-ferrous objects up to 20 mm (3/4 in.) in diameter. Each attachment installs quickly for simple operation.The grabber is supplied with a three jaw attachment that offers the ability to grab objects of various shape in a variety of orientations. For alternate applications the three jaw attachment can be replaced with either a parallel two jaw, interlocking three jaw or cutting tool.

SeaBotix LBV ROV External LED Lighting
External LED Lighting

Each LBV system is fitted with an internal light that tracks the color camera. When utilizing the 270 degree field of vision lighting may be required in all 270 degrees. To enhance the internal light LBV systems can be fitted with ultra bright LED external lighting. All LBV lighting is fully adjustable for precise image enhancement.

SeaBotix LBV ROVLaser Scaling
Laser Scaling

One of the challenges of operating a ROV is the lack of depth perception. With only a single camera the operator is limited in ability to accurately estimate distance and size. Just as when you cover one eye with your hand and try to guess size and distance. All LBV systems offer an optional internal laser scaling system consisting of two parallel lasers spaced 50 mm (2 in.) apart. The two projected dots aid in sizing and distance estimations.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Crawler Skid
Crawler Skid

SeaBotix has developed a revolutionary system that enables unprecedented stability, precision and ease of use when inspected ship hulls or other hard surfaces. The LBV150SE-5 can be fitted with the patented crawler skid assembly enabling the LBV to adhere to hard surfaces with the use of a powerful vortex generator. Once attached the four-wheel drive system can be driven rather than flown. This ability offers incredible stability and precision over traditional ROV mode. No longer a helicopter in heavy wind, more a tank on solid ground. In addition to the greater control and stability is the ability to work in more difficult conditions beyond that of ROVs.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Color Zoom Camera
Color Zoom Camera

All 150 m to 300 m LBVs accept a 10x optical color zoom camera. A zoom camera provides operators with the ability to inspect up close areas that can not be closely reached by the LBV. The zoom camera option includes auto/manual focus and includes an optically corrected view port.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Scanning Sonar
Scanning Sonar

The LBV can be fitted with the latest small sonar manufactured by Tritech International. Micron 360º scanning sonar, for object avoidance and identification, produces an impressive image at ranges to 75 meters (246ft). The simple sonar is mounted to the top of the LBV and the data is transmitted through the standard LBV tether to the surface. Use of the standard 8 mm diameter tether maintains low drag. At the surface the Micron is controlled by PC based intuitive software.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Thickness Gauge
Thickness Gauge

The SeaBotix LBV series of ROVs can easily be fitted with the Cygnus Instruments Mini ROV Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge. This is a highly useful tool for measuring metal thickness and performing a variety of safety checks on different underwater structures.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Navigation Console
Navigation Control Console

Operating ROVs with sensors fitted require the use of a PC computer. There are options between an inexpensive laptop that is not designed for harsh environments or expensive rugged laptops. Additionally, use of a laptop is not a seamless option. SeaBotix offers a totally integrated solution for use with the LBV and various sensors. The simple, seamless design houses the LBV controls, PC, GPS and amazing 20" sunlight readable monitor. No more laptop and cabling, simply open, connect and power on. All data and video captured to the built in high performance computer.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Video Enhancer
Video Enhancer

The LBV systems are supplied with high resolution low light color cameras that provide high quality video images. Under less than perfect conditions the images can suffer from low contrast and poor color as a result of turbidity. This is not a fault of the camera, but rather a result of the conditions. A real time video enhancer significantly cleans up images affected by poor water clarity. The system is simple to control and processes both real time and recorded video for easier navigation and object identification.

SeaBotix LBV ROV Positioning System
Positioning System

The Tritech Micron Nav USBL positioning system provides accurate location of the vehicle, providing hemispherical coverage to 1000m. The intuitive software works in tandem with the Micron sonar for complete and intuitive navigation.

CP Probe

The LBV can be fitted with a contact cathodic protection probe providing accurate data to the surface. A small probe and electronics are fitted in a tool skid for quick installation when the probe is needed.

Radiation Sensor

The optional CCD-based internal radiation sensor includes recordable data logging software. Unlike other large radiation sensors mounted externally, this sensor is internal to the LBV and tracks with the cameras for precise positioning.


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SOSI, SeaBotix

Thank you for reviewing the LBV series ROV Options. SOSI sells and demos the full SeaBotix equipment line in the Pacific Northwest. Please contact our helpful technical staff if you require assistance or information about this product. Our team of skilled SeaBotix representatives, engineers and trained technicians are ready to assist you with sales, product modifications, repairs and solutions. SeaBotix systems come in various configurations—each system being a completely flexible platform that requires only a power source to operate. Various optional packages and sensors are available to customize your ROV to your specific requirements.

Be it an existing product or a customized package—our mission is to offer innovative engineering, design and quality manufacturing for our diverse and growing global customer base.

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