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SeaBotix ROV LBV150-/LBV200

Models: LBV150BE • LBV150S • LBV150SE • LBV200L

SOSI, SeaBotix ROV LBV150-/LBV200

SOSI is the Pacific Northwest's (Washington and Oregon) exclusive reseller of SeaBotix ROVs and equipment. SeaBotix vehicles are deployed worldwide in a variety of industries including military, oil and gas, research, hydro, search and rescue and port security. Scientists and students use basic ROV systems to extend their research capabilities, while Navies worldwide deploy the revolutionary systems in critical maritime security applications.


The LBV150-200 series of MiniROV systems represent a standard where large ROV capability meets small ROV portability and affordability. SeaBotix has engineered the LBV150-200 systems to be fully capable MiniROVs for a wide range of applications. The LBV150 and LBV200 are the benchmark MiniROV systems by which all small ROVs are compared. Each model offers large ROV capability in a compact, stable, and flexible platform with more sensor options than any ROV in its class.

Four Complete Systems

There are four fully equipped LBV150-/LBV200 series systems to choose from. The LBV150BE2 and LBV150-/LBV200 series are the ideal inshore systems while the LBV150SE2 represents the ultimate in versatility. Ideally suited to inshore or civil applications where a rapid setup is required. The integrated control console, umbilical and ROV take only minutes to have ready for operation. Adding to the range is the LBV150SE-52 with dual vertical thrusters providing unprecedented vertical control and stability for a MiniROV.

  • 150 m / 200 m (500/660 ft.) depth rating
  • 100-250 m (328-820 ft.) umbilical
  • 4 Brushless DC thrusters
  • Hi-res color & B/W cameras
  • 180º camera tilt/270º field of view
  • Internal LED lighting (SE and L)
  • Fiber optic video (SE and L)
  • Spare RS232 channel (SE and L)
  • Auto depth, heading and trim
  • Video overlay
  • Integrated console (S, SE and L)
  • 3 knot forward speed
Perfect Balance

The LBV150-/LBV200 series systems are the perfect balance between compact size, ideal mass, powerful thrusters and small diameter umbilical. Understanding that the umbilical represents the most significant impact on drag to an ROV, the LBV is supplied with the incredibly small diameter umbilical of 8 mm. Adding to the impressive umbilical are the very powerful thrusters, able to pull the umbilical with ease.

More Standard Features

The LBV150-/LBV200 series systems are packed with more standard features than any other small ROV system. These features offer greater capability, enhanced maneuverability and better serviceability. Such features include four (4) or five (5) Brushless DC thruster configuration including lateral, 270º field of view, auto depth and heading, lamp tracking high resolution camera, video overlay and so much more.

Powerful Thrusters

The LBV150-/LBV200 series is equipped with four powerful, oil-compensated, Brushless DC Thrusters. There is 1-lateral, 2-forward, and 1-vertical thruster, enabling maneuverability in four axes, just like a helicopter. The additional lateral thruster adds the capability to fly sideways, allowing the operator to keep either camera on target while piloting along a ship hull or dam surface. On-the-fly, 10-step variable power control to each axis allows for smooth video and sensor recording. For added reliability, serviceability, and peace of mind, each thruster is identical and independent of the vehicle enclosure, ensuring no dynamic seals penetrate the vehicle’s electronics enclosure.

Long Umbilical

The LBV150-/LBV200 series comes equipped with a generous 150 meters (500ft) of our revolutionary small diameter umbilical. The extremely small-diameter of our umbilical presents at least 24% less drag than other systems meaning the vehicle is controlled by the operator, not the umbilical.

Intuitive Controls

Operation of the LBV150-/LBV200 series is simple with the standard Integrated Control Console featuring the acclaimed LBV Hand Controller. Standard Auto-Heading, Depth, and Trim, as well as all system functions are at your fingertips in a logical, simple layout. Added features include the 38 cm (15") monitor behind a waterproof panel, sunshade for direct light operations and sealed components for harsh environment operations. The programmable Video Overlay displays heading, depth, temperature, thruster gain settings, auto settings, cable turns, and time/date.

High-Quality Video and Sensor Data

The video system provides clear images from the standard high-resolution color camera. In addition to the color camera is a low light B/W camera. Both cameras have a total 270º field of view through 180º rotation of the camera enclosure. The internal, fully-adjustable Quartz Halogen Lighting provides light as it tracks the color camera. The programmable Video Overlay displays heading, depth, temperature, thruster gain settings, auto settings, cable turns, and time/date.


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SeaBotix ROV LBV150s SeaBotix ROV LBV150be SeaBotix ROV LBV150SE SeaBotix ROV LBV200l


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The LBV150-/LBV200is a very complete system, however, many options are available to further customize the system to each client's requirements. Add items like a three jaw grabber, scanning sonar, USBL tracking system and external lighting.

To see the complete SeaBotix Options line, click here.

Extended Support

Extended Support

Each LBV150-/LBV200 series is supplied with the SeaBotix 24-Month Limited Warranty. This added coverage along with our 24/7 Tech Support adds peace of mind and confidence. Personalized factory and on-site training is also available.


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SOSI, SeaBotix

Thank you for reviewing the LBV150-/LBV200 series systems. SOSI sells and demos the full SeaBotix equipment line in the Pacific Northwest. Please contact our helpful technical staff if you require assistance or information about this product. Our team of skilled SeaBotix representatives, engineers and trained technicians are ready to assist you with sales, product modifications, repairs and solutions. SeaBotix systems come in various configurations—each system being a completely flexible platform that requires only a power source to operate. Various optional packages and sensors are available to customize your ROV to your specific requirements.

Be it an existing product or a customized package—our mission is to offer innovative engineering, design and quality manufacturing for our diverse and growing global customer base.

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