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Marine Engineering Services

SOSI, Engineering Services

SOSI is an engineering company with an established history of providing quality marine equipment and related engineering services to a worldwide customer base. For over 30 years, SOSI engineers have practiced equipment design, structural analysis, computer-aided design, 3-D rendering, simulation, rapid prototype development, animation, assembly and engineering services for a wide range of companies, institutions and disciplines.

Our focus, to provide quality marine systems and components starts with innovative concepts and designs. Our seasoned engineers, technicians and technologist have the necessary education, training, experience and tools to meet our customers’ most challenging demands. Over the past decades, they have earned a reputation for designing some of the most creative marine products currently deployed.

Concept and Rapid Prototyping
SOSI, Engineering Services

SOSI can show you a variety of system concepts for your project by process of critical review, feasibility and trade-off studies, performance analysis and evaluation. Proposals will take into account properties such as loads, constraints and materials to aid in accurately predicting product performance and structural response. Design decisions are reinforced by using tools for static stress and linear / multi-body dynamic analysis. Thermal characteristics are studied and simulated, with detailed fluid flow behavior. Other physical factors are analyzed as well to predict a product's real-world multi-physical performance. Additionally, our staff's extensive operations experience at sea allows us to anticipate the unique engineering challenges of your project—preventing false starts and wasted resources. Results are then evaluated and communicated back to the client through images, animations and engineering briefs.

Design Capabilities
  • Fabrication and Assembly Design Package Creation
  • Welded Fabrication Design
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Detailed Machining Documentation
  • Electrical & Hydraulic Schematics
  • Machine Motion Animations
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Photo-realistic Renderings
Software Services
SOSI, Software Services

SOSI engineers use state-of-the art technology and computer drafting software to produce and develop mechanical systems and electrical layout solutions for projects. Our accurate design-process utilizes the latest analysis, design and modeling tools to add solid engineering principles, meet rigorous quality standards and to minimize technical risk. Our refined process of computer-aided design, structural analysis, simulation and prototype development saves your resources and speeds up your procurement from concept through ABS / DNV certification. A partial list of SOSI software capabilities follows.

Autodesk Inventor
SOSI, Software Services

SOSI was an early adopter of Autodesk Inventor, a 3D parametric solid modeling package, that is quickly becoming the industry standard for engineering. Our engineers have used Autodesk Inventor to build many large assemblies with moving parts, animations, and renderings. Our standardization and use of the Autodesk Inventor Series enhances our communication and collaboration with our clients—helping improve product quality, increase productivity, lower costs, reduce time to market and increase the company's competitive advantage.

SOSI, Software Services

SOSI use the latest Autodesk Algor®Simulation solution for digital prototyping to help our designers and engineers make critical decisions earlier in the design process. Using an extensive set of finite element modeling tools and built-in material libraries, SOSI can easily study initial design intent and accurately simulate the behavior of a complete digital prototype for our clients. By helping our clients predict a product’s real-world performance, including situations in which multiple physical factors interact simultaneously, our highly trained professionals can help you validate and optimize designs before manufacturing—increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and avoiding errors.

SOSI, Software Services

SOSI uses OrCAD as a primary tool for electronic design automation. The software is used in house to create electronic prints for manufacturing of printed circuit boards, by our electronic design engineers and electronic technicians to manufacture electronic schematics and diagrams, and for their simulation.

WHOI Cable v2.0

SOSI additionally uses WHOI Cable v2.0—a numerical program for analyzing the statistics and dynamics of cable structures commonly encountered in oceanographic engineering practices for moored and towed systems. The program features a nonlinear solver that includes the effects of geometric and material nonlinearities, bending stiffness for seamless modeling of slack cables, and a model for the interaction of cable segments with the seafloor. The program solves both surface and subsurface single- and multi-point mooring problems, systems with both ends anchored on the bottom, and towing and drifter problems. Forcing includes waves, current, wind, ship speed, and pay-out of cable.

Engineering Services

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