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Ted Brockett

Ted Brockett, President of Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.

Ted Brockett founded Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. (SOSI) in 1978 and is the active President of the company. He has more than thirty-eight years of experience designing, building, installing and operating mechanical systems for ocean applications. He began his career in 1971, as a mechanical engineer working for the Propulsion Branch of the Design Division, at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Honolulu. From there, he advanced to become a Senior Project Manager for INCO/OMI, a world-wide mining consortium—playing an instrumental role in the design and development of manganese nodule collectors used during the world's first successful deep ocean mining program.

Throughout his tenure as President of SOSI, Ted has served as project manager, designer and mechanical engineer. Ted has been responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of the company. Ted prides himself on engineering innovation as well as keeping projects on schedule and within budget. He has been responsible for all aspects of SOSI's operation including: conceptual and detail design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, test, field service, evaluation, operation and documentation. His proven project management skills are routinely applied to in-house projects as well as contracted to clients. His oversight includes projects as varied as: neutrally buoyant tethered vehicle systems, deep-water mining systems, launch and recovery systems, cable embedment systems, instrument housings, seafloor platforms, winching systems, junction boxes, seafloor work packages, ocean observation equipment and environmental monitoring systems.

As chairman of the Moorings, Mechanical, and Installation Integrated Product Team (MMI IPT) for the US Navy SEAFAC Upgrade Program—Mr. Brockett led an eight-member team tasked with technical oversight of array mooring and mechanical systems and subsystems, including their installation. He oversaw design, development, procurement, integration, testing of associated systems, subsystems, and components including umbilical cable winches and motion compensated A-frames.

Mr. Brockett is an active Fellow of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and served as the President of the National Society from 2002 to 2004. He co-chaired the international MTS/IEEE OCEANS Conference in Seattle in 1999—a role he will repeat in 2010. In the 1980s, he helped to revitalize the society’s Puget Sound Section as chair and has for many years served on its executive committee. He also helps to organize and raise funds for MATE, the regional competition that brings high school and college students together to compete in the design of remotely operated vehicles.

Mr. Brockett has five ocean mining equipment patents, and holds both BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Norwich University and the University of Hawaii respectively. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, and he is a trustee of the Naval Undersea Warfare Museum in Keyport, WA.

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Dave Armstrong

Operations Manager
Dave Armstrong, Operations Manager at Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.

Dave has broad technical knowledge, a total commitment to quality and customer service, and an impressive track record of building first class functional organizations. Between 1991 and 2011 he was one of the key managers at Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., rising from Customer Service Engineer to Customer Service Manager, Production Manager, and Vice President of Operations. A hallmark of Dave’s career is an ability to streamline processes and build efficient systems that improve quality and productivity, and building high performing teams. Dave has much expertise including electronic product development and test, system and process analysis, customer relationship building, and lean manufacturing (Toyota) processes. He is also an accomplished database developer/programmer using Access/SQL and Visual Basic. In his last position with Sea-Bird he had oversight of Production Engineering, Materials, Purchasing, Calibration, Final Test, Shipping, Customer Service, Warehouse, Electronic Test, Electronic Assembly, Quality Control and Technical Support.

Dave’s broad responsibilities at SOSI are similar and include improving company processes and procedures and developing management tools (database, inventory and production control, etc.), assisting with daily management of resources and priorities, operational/project status reporting, engineering and manufacturing cost analysis, and supervision, training and quality assurance of electronics manufacturing activities. He assists senior management in business planning, bid/proposal preparation, and product development, and also shares part of the Company’s project management work load on a daily basis.

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Ron Bark

Manufacturing Manager
Ron Bark, Manufacturing Manager at Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.

Ron's 40 career began as a certified boilermaker, fitter/welder and evolved into being an expert at marine equipment manufacturing. For over 15 years, Ron has focused on marine systems—building, integrating and fabricating ROVs, handling systems, winching systems, towfish and a wide array of marine related electronics and wiring.

Ron's resume additionally includes 30 years of shop management experience as well as being a field foreman. He has started apprenticeship programs, supervised training and safety programs, scheduled shop labor for optimal performance and quality control, done maintenance, repair and certification of shop equipment, coordinated international shipping and is a certified forklift instructor. Ron's many certifications include ASME, AWS, AISC, AIP 650, forklift, safety programs and welding. He is a thirty year member of the American Welding Society.

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